Body Wraps

Spa in Cambodia

Body Wraps

Herbal Body Wrap

60 min - 24.00 USD


A therapeutic treatment, to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate

tired skin, leaving you with a healthy glow.



Detox Body Mud

60 min - 24.00 USD


A rebalancing body treatment that relieve tired muscles,

enhances blood circulation as it detoxifire and nourishe

the skin.



Carrot and Pineapple Wrap

60 min - 24.00 USD


This mask leaves skin supple andradiant. Pineapple helps to

whithen and brigthen the skin,carrot will moisturize whilst

turmeric is an excellent astringent and cleanser.



Aloe Vera Body Wrap

60 min - 24.00 USD


A soothing and cooling treatment that deeply moisturizes.

Perfect for sensitive skin.



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